Jihyo TWICE‘s 10+ Trang phục gợi cảm nhất

Jihyo knows she drives ONCEs wild
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Jihyo TWICE‘s 10+ Trang phục gợi cảm nhất

TWICE‘s Jihyo is known for her gorgeous vocals, which are just as beautiful as her visuals. While her energetic and warm personality has ONCEs falling in love, it’s her strong and sensual allure that captivates us on stage. These 11 outfits are some of Jihyo’s sexiest, and they’ll drive everyone crazy.

1. Jihyo The Assassin

Jihyo’s fatal visuals shoot a bullet straight through our hearts.

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JYP Entertainment/YouTube

2. A Dazzling Sight To Behold

The only thing more radiant than Jihyo’s outfit is her beauty.

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3. A Mix Of Sporty And Sexy

Jihyo’s charm has endless facets.

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4. Pretty In Pink

There’s no science behind Jihyo’s beauty: she’s divinely blessed.

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5. Drunk On Jihyo

Jihyo can easily be mistaken for the main dancer.

6. Bow Down To The Queen

It only takes one look from Jihyo for us all to yield to her power.

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7. Perfect Embodiment Of Y2K

BETWEEN 1&2 is her era.

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8. Who Runs The World? Jihyo.

“Perfect World” Jihyo was everything we didn’t know we needed.

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9. Girl Boss

Her gaze and posture scream dominance.

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Y Magazine

10. She Knows What She’s Doing

Jihyo knows she drives ONCEs wild and won’t hold back any punches.


11. Red Is Her Color

No color suits Jihyo better than the color of passion and confidence.

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